Hold Me In Your Arms tab with lyrics by The Trews - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

The Trews – Hold Me In Your Arms tab

believe me if uve heard of this band u would know how much ass they kick, this song 
if u havnt heard this song, download it asap. u will become an instant fan

IntroE|------------------------------------------------------------------|B|------------------------------------------------------------------|G|--7/9---9--9--9--7--9--9------------------------------------------|D|--7/9---9--9--9--7--9--9--------5-7-5-----------------------------| X4 on 4th time jus playA|--5/7---7--7--7--5--7--7----5-7-------7---------------------------| beginning chords andE|------0-----------------------------------| hold on last 799--|
VerseE|--X-X----------------| E|--X-X------------------------|B|--X-X----------------| B|--X-X------------------------|G|--X-X--7/9--9--7--9--| X3 then.. G|--X-X--7/9--9--7--9----------|D|--X-X--7/9--9--7--9--| D|--X-X--7/9--9--7--9--7-------|A|--X-X--5/7--7--5--7--| A|--X-X--5/7--7--5--7--7-------|E|--X-X----------------| E|--X-X----------------5-------|
Chorus"Hold Me... In your Arms... "E|-------------------------------------------------------|B|-------------------------------------------------------|G|-------------------------------------------------------|D|-------------------------------------------------------| X2A|------2--5h7--7--5--7~~-2----------4h5-5--4-5~--7~-----|E|------0-----------------0-----------------------5~-----|
Chorus 2E|-------------------------------------------------------|B|-------------------------------------------------------|G|-------------------------------------------------------|D|---------7/9--9--7--9--------------6/7-7--6-7----------|A|------2--5/7--7--5--7~~-2----------4/5-5--4-5~--7~-----|E|------0-----------------0-----------------------5~-----|
Bridge" I will not back down to anything or anyone... "E|----------------------------------|B|----------------------------------|G|--4--5--6------------6--7--8------| X3 then..D|--5--6--7------------7--8--9------|A|--5--6--7--5-7-5-7~--7--8--9------|E|--3--4--5------------5--6--7------|
Played like this: Intro Verse Intro Chorus Intro Verse Chorus Chorus 2 Intro Bridge Chorus Chorus 2 Intro Hold Me In Your Arms- The Trews Wake up to the sounds of the century they got a long way to go to gain on me, it’s all right The years are coming down like the dirty leaves I’m gonna plant my seed in history It’s all right, I love my dream Chorus Hold Me in Your Arms We Are One You think you’ve seen it all but you’ll never see you gotta open up your eyes and come with me, its alright Everybody thinks they’re the chosen one but my mother was a virgin I’m the seventh son It’s all right, I love my dream Chorus Hold Me In Your Arms We Are One Bridge I will not back down to anything or anyone You cannot contend cause in my head I’m number one It’s a mad mad world but baby what you gonna do You just watch your back I’ll watch mine too Chorus Hold Me In Your Arms We Are One not bad fer a first tab, huh? -joey g-
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