The Tunics – Whatever Happened Acoustic chords

The chords are based on this youtube video:
I think it's right but if you've got something to add just contact me. 
Hope it'll help you :)

The Chords: 
It's almost always the same order of chords. The only difference is that they're 
either played with barré or not.

     E  A  D  G  B  E
Em I 7  7  9  9  8  7 I
C  I 8  10 10 9  8  8 I
G I 3 5 5 4 3 3 IH I 7 9 9 8 7 7 I
H* I 7 9 7 8 9 7 I G* I 3 0 0 0 3 3 I Intro: Em C G H* x2
Em The days are long
CAnd the nights they’ve gone
G And there’s no one left
HTo hear your song
EmWhen you’ve got no rights
CBut you’ve done no wrong
GAnd you’ve got no friends
H7 ( first fret) Cos you don’t belong
Em (all chords with barré)They say, cut your hair
CAnd say your prayers
GWhen you think of a girl
H7Who doesn’t care
Em (without barré)If you live or die
CSo you start to cry
G*Cos you love her so
H7But you don’t know why
Em (all chords with barré)The worlds are getting smaller
CThe days are getting shorter
GThe nights are growing colder
HAnd we’re all growing older
Em (all chords without barré)There’s nothing to look forward to
G*Nothing to look back upon
CGrowing cold and lonely
Em D G (play only the last 4 strings)G (play all) Em And everyone is dead and gone
Em D G (4 strings) G Em H7What happened to the good times?
Em (without barré) Yes, I’ve been hurt and I’ve hurt
CAnd I’ve loved and I’ve lost
G* H7And I’ve cried, I’ve cried out my eyes
EmI had no life to live
CAnd no love left to give
G*I was dead on my feet
H7On a dead end street
Em But then she came along
CShe’s a lyric in a song
G*And it all felt write
H7When it all felt wrong
EmAnd every minute that she’s gone
CIs a minute too long
G*And now she’s really gone
H7I can’t go on…
The worlds are getting smaller The days are getting shorter The nights are growing colder And we’re all growing older There’s nothing to look forward to Nothing to look back upon Growing cold and lonely And everyone is dead and gone What happened to the good times End on Em
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