The Under Dog Project - Summer Jam chords

Artist: The Under Dog Projects
Song: Summer jam (Acoustic)
Tabbed By: Shameer Khan aka King Khan

Tabbed this one cause I noticed so few tabs for it.. in fact little to none at.. 
Whats wrong with people this is a GREAT song

*note I play the G without the 1st E string, play variations.

Chords used in the song are:
Em/D: {X22030} G: {320030} Cadd9: {032030} D/E: {200230}

Tuning is standard ( Capo in the 2nd if u wanna Falsetto it)

Em/D Cadd9This ain't nothing but a summer jam
G D/EBrown skin and Cinnamon dance (whoo-hoo)
Em/D G Cadd9This ain't nothing but a summer jam
Cadd9 DWe're gonna party as much as we can
Em G Hey-yeah ooh
Em CHey-yeah Summer jam alright
Em G Em CHey-yeah ooh hey-yeah
_______________________ (VERSE 1)
Em/D GTonight, hotties wearin "Prada" skirts,
Em/D Cadd9 Real tight, Temperature is risin' feelin'
Em/D G D/E ( Play with E string)Real hot, In the heat of the night
(VERSE 2) Midnight, the party won't stop until the Morning light, I'm skoopin' out the hotties with the Light eyes, Be with me tonight _______________________ Clime Time (Lick)
Em C Can't get you outta my mind, I can't lie
Em C'Cause a girl like you is so hard to find
Em GI'm waiting for the day to make you mine
D/ECuz I can't take it
________________________ Chorus X 1 ________________________ (VERSE 3) Moonlight, cruisin' down the boulevard Strobe lights, watching you your body's tight Alright, looking kinda freaky to me _______________________ Clime Time X 1 _______________________ Chorus X 2 Feed backs or request are welcome, do send in your queries to (PLS note.. I get a lot of junk mail so distinguish it with a song title etc, your smart you’ll figure it out)
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