The Unseen Guest – Let Me In chords

Let Me In  by The Unseen Guest
*this is my first crack at tabbing music but i think i did all right. 
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CThe days run together
CThey crowd at your front gate
FBut you can't let them in
Am GSo you tell them to wait
CAnd one by one
CThey file up the driveway
FAnd your bell is still ringing
Am G As down goes the day
CSo you take off your shoes
CAnd you turn up the volume
FAnd they all go to sleep
Am GWhile you're safe in your room
CAnd in your bed at night
CA stranger sleeps beside
FAnd she opens your wardrobe
Am GAnd she fumbles inside
CLet me in, let me in
FOr ill blow your house down
AmLet me in, let me in
GCause there's snow on the ground
CI won't wait here forever
FAnd then you will see
AmYou should never say never
GCause I sow what you reap
CThey huddle on your doorstep
CAs the clouds start to break
FAnd they scratch at your windows
Am GAnd they bang on your gate
CAnd they walk on your doormat
CWith wet muddy shoes
FAnd now and then the lights go out
Am G Cause they've stolen the fuse
CAnd sometimes in the night
CYou answer the phone
FAnd they breathe down the line
Am GJust to see if you're home
CThey sing in your garden
CLike dogs when the fight
FAnd the noise that they make
Am GDrills holes in the night
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