The Wailin Jennys – Glory Bound chords

Capo 2nd fret

Intro: Banjo

Verse 1
When I hear that trumpet sound
I will lay my burdens down          
I will lay them deep into the ground
Then I'll know that I am glory bound

(Enter guitar) D G D G A G D A G D

Verse 2 

D GI'll be traveling far from home
D GBut I won't be looking for to roam
A G D I'll be crossing o'er the great divide
A G DIn a better home soon I will reside
D G DHallelujah
D G D A G Hallelu--u--u--jah
D G D Hallelujah
D G D A D Hallelu--u--u--jah
Verse 3 (Melody)
D G When I'm in my resting place
D GI'll look on my mother's face
A G DNever more will I have to know
A G DAll the loneliness that plagues me so
Verse 4
D GSo I'm waiting for that train to come
D GAnd I know where she's coming from
A G DListen can you hear her on the track
A G DWhen I board I won't be looking back
D G DHallelujah
D G D A GHallelu--u--u--jah
D G DHallelujah
D G D A DHallelu--u--u--jah
(Repeat chorus)
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