The Wanted – Rocket chords

These chords are good to sing along with but they're not identical to the original track.

Capo on 4th fret

EmYou think you see me
CYou haven't seen nothin
G DI'm looking for something more than this
EmI'm feeling no limits
CI'm seising each minute
G *touch on F#* EmDon't wanna, don't wanna just exist
CDon't want my feet on the ground
G Wanna feel the speed of sound
Em DI want it now, I wanna fly
C GLike a rocket to the sky
Em (D) CGoing up a million miles
Em *touch on F#* G DAnd I'm not coming down
C Em *touch on F#*Won't stop till I feel the sky at my feet
G DMy dreams on my wings, I'm flying
C G Em D Flying high
Em I'm climbing I'm rising
CI'm striking like lightning
G DWrite my name in sky writing for all to see
Em I'll do something epic
CAnd they won't forget it
G *touch on F#* EmGood enough, not good enough for me
EmI want the ride of my life
CWonder at the speed of light
G D Want it now, I wanna fly
C G Like a rocket to the sky
C DNever gonna make my way down
G *touch on F#* EmI'll make the galaxy my play ground
C Em D(It's gonna be one hell of a ride, I'll fly)
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