The War On Drugs – An Ocean In Between The Waves chords

Artist: The War On Drugs
Song: An Ocean In Between the Waves
Album: Lost In The Dream
Transcribed by: Nick

Capo on 3rd fret

[Intro] ~0:05
D, D, Em, Em x3

D Em Run away, I'm a travellin' man
D Em Been walking every day
D Em I watch you as you hesitate
D Em Walking through the rain
D Em I bet against the company again
D Em They tried to redefine
D Em Everything that I know and love
D Em Gotta know you're mine
[Break] Yeah D, D, Em, Em x2 [Verse]
D Em Feel the way that the wild wind blows through the room
D Em Like a nail down through the heart
D Em That just don't beat the same anymore
D Em That might as well be gone
C Em I'm in my finest hour
D Em Can I be more than just a fool?
C Em D C It always gets so hard to seem bright
Em Before the moon
[Solo] D, Em, D, A, Bm, A, G, Em, D, C, Em [Break] D, Em x2 [Verse]
D Em Far away my, there's a black sun risin' overhead
D Em There's a moon through the midnight rain
D Em How can I surround myself in time and time again?
D Em How can I be free?
D Em Just wanna lay in the moonlight
D Em See the light shining, see you in the outline
D Em It never gets too dark to find
D Em Anybody at anytime
C Em I'm at the darkened hillside
D Em And there's a haze right between the trees
C Em And I can barely see you
D C Em You're like an ocean in between the waves
[Solo] D, Em, D, A, Bm, A, G, Em, D, C. Em D, A, Bm, A, G, Em, D, C. Em (repeat till end)
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