The Wave Pictures – Long Island tab

Great song from the self released album Sophie, played on piano on the album but
works just as well on guitar. Listen to song for strumming pattern. Enjoy!


e|--7----8----3----3--B|--8----8----3----5--G|--9----9----4----5--D|--9----10---5----5--A|--7----10---5----3--E|--7----8----3----3-- Em C G C*
Intro |Em C Em C Em C G| Verse 1 Em C Em C Em C G Well I met you, on the tube, and you were beautiful- in lubricant Em C Em C Em C G With the boy, who drank soup, straight from the urn- and burnt his tongue Cytgan/Chorus G C* G G Em C G So now you now how it feels, you know how it feels, to build your nest in bucket deals G C* G G Em C G And there are three floors, three DJ’s, and I pinned you down in an easy frame Verse 2- (same chords as verse 1) Well the last swimmers, crawled up from the pool, looked at my beautiful belly and drewls Well you should know, I am the real slim shady and Lady you are my natural home Cytgan/Chorus- (Same lyrics and chords as before) Verse 3- (Same chords as previous verses) Well I was an auto-focus illuminater flashgun in aquamarine biology-blue spitting out prints I printed you on photon-quality glossily greasy chip paper with a tortilla dip chaser and then later I pinned you down Cytgan/Chorus- (This time with no guitar just vocals...and symbal tapping) Final Chorus G C* G G Em C G G You win a grand in your hand every single Friday night, and you win a grand C* G G Em C G G Em C G in your hand every single Friday night, every single Friday night
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