The White Buffalo And The Forest Rangers - House Of The Rising Sun chords

House of the rising son (sons of anarchy version)
By: Forest Rangers and White Buffalo 
Tabbed by: wv_fisher1989

Capo 3

Em G A EmThere is a house in charming town
Em G BThey call the rising sun
Em G A EmAnd its been the ruin of many a poor girl
Em B EmAnd me oh god im one
If id listened to my mamma Lord id be home today But I was young and foolish Handsome rider led me astray Go tell my baby sister Never do what I have done’ The son of the house in charming town We call the rising son
Em G A EmMy ,mother she’s a tailor
Em G BShe sewed my new blue jeans
Em G A EmMy sweet heart hes a rambler
Em B EmLord he rides an ol’ machine
Solo (same chords as the verses) Now the only thing a rambler needs is a suit case and a gun The only time hes satisfied is when hes on the run He fills his chamber up with led And takes his fame to town’ The only pleasure he gets outta life Is bringing anpother man down Instrumental break Hes got one hand on the throttle The other on the brake’ Hes riddin back to redwood To own his fathers stake And me I wait in charming town To gain my lovless one Im staying here to end my life Down in the rising son Im staying here to end end my life down in the rising sun end by playing chords through one last time, or solo
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