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The Wonder Years – Devil In My Bloodstream chords

The Devil In My Bloodstream
half step down

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D BmWe wiped out all the buffalo around the turn of the last century
G AAnd so it's factories and sawgrass, wheat fields and asphalt laid in front of me
D BmThe midwest feels like a hollow place that we filled with love and industry
GAnd we're staring at the frozen ground in Goodwill suits
ASilent as the pastor reads the eulogy
**G A Bm A GWell I, I wanted to see just a little bit of everything
ALet me be
D G Bm ATwo blackbirds on a highway sign are laughing at me at four in the morning
D GThey played the war drum out of time
Bm ASo I'm not sure where I've been marching
Bm D GI want to be strong, but it's not easy anymore
D A GI'm hoping I'm wrong
D BmIt's sixteen hours straight to home from the heart of north Missouri
GAnd so I search through my great-grandpa's memoirs
AFor the devil in my bloodstream
D BmDepression grabbed his throat and choked the life out of him slowly
GI got the same blood coursing through my veins
AIt'll come for me eventually
[Power Chords now] D I bet I'd be a fucking coward
BmI bet I'd never have the guts for war
GCause I can't spend another month away from here
AThese frantic rest stop phone calls don't get answered anymore
G A Bm A GBut I, I wanted to know if I could please come home
ASo let me know
D A GI know how it feels to be at war with a world that never loved me
D A GI know how it feels to be at war with a world that never loved me
**-First Prechorus -----------------2------| ----0----2---4--2-----0-| ---0----2---4--0-----0--| --2----0---2--------2---| -3-----------------3----|
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