The Wrights - Evie Part 2 chords

			     EVIE part 2 - Stevie Wright
Tabbed by: nickhgill

Chords Used:
E		 022100
Amaj7	 x02120
B		 x2444x
D		 xx0232
A		 x02220
G#7sus4	 464644
G#7		 464544
C#m	 x46654
F#m	 244222
B11		 x24222

(fade in)
E	Amaj7		(x4)

E Amaj7 B DEvie, there seems so much to say
ABut if you know me well
G#7sus4 G#7You'd understand the way I do
(repeat verse chords) Evie, must be a better way To say the things I feel The love I only know with you Chorus
C#m Oh but I don't know what it is
B A F#mThat makes me feel the way I do
E B11 G#7sus4 G#7Oh Evie, I'm nothing without you
Verse Evie, the sun is shining now My eyes are open now I see so much I never knew Evie I want to thank you now For giving me this child So much a part of me and you Chorus But I don't know what it is That makes me feel the way I do,
E B11 E B11Oh Evie, Oh Evie, Oh Evie
G#7sus4 G#7So much in love with you
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