Thelonius Monster – Body And Soul tab

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From: (Zet van t TM)

"Body and Soul" - Thelonious Monster

Tab transcription by Mark van 't Zet (

Piece of cake song. Sounds a bit White Roomish perhaps?

VERSE/SOLO (Wah-soaked, Dm pentatonic (that's the 10th position dudes))

Dm Cadd9 G/B Bb6 -------------------------------| ------3-------3-------3--------| --------0-------0-------0------| --0----------------------------| ----------3-------2-------1----| -------------------------------|
CHORUS 'It's like my body and soul..'
F Am Bb C# Dm C+9 G/B Bb6 ------------------1---3------------| ------1---3---6---3---3---3---3----| --2---2---3---6---2---0---0---3----| --3---2---3---6---0---2---0---3----| --3---0---1---4-------3---2---1----| --1--------------------------------|
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