They Might Be Giants – Fingertips tab

this is tmbg's fingertips. i figured this out by ear. some of it is in a different key
than on the album, but it still works. i don't have anything for some tracks, but what
i have will do

G             C             G              C           G     C
Everything is catching, yes everything is catching on fire
G             C            G     C  G
Everything is cathcing on fire

G          C          G
Fingertips Fingertips Fingertips

E|0------------------------0------3-2-0-|B|---3----1--3----0-----1-3-------------|G|--------------------------------------|D|--------------------------------------|A|--------------------------------------|E|--------------------------------------| I found a new friend underneath my pillow
G F G Please pass the milk please "Leave me alone" notes Db C Bb Ab G F Eb Db "All alone all alone" Notes Melody: G F E F G E D C D E Harmony:E D C G A C B G G G F A G F E D I'm having a heart attack F A G I'm having a heart attack Gm Fingertiiiiiips Am Fingertiiiiiips F C Bb C F C Bb C F C Bb C I walk along darkened corridors
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