They Might Be Giants – Women & Men tab

First verse:

	   G		    C
When the ship runs out of ocean
	 G		D
And the vessel runs aground
  C		 D		   G
Land's where we know the boat is found.

Now there's nothing unexpected,
about the water running out,
"Land's" not a word we have to shout.

	       D		    C
But there's something beside the shoreline,
  G		    C	
moving across the beachhead,
  D		     C	
coming up from the shipwreck,
  G 		 D
making as if to say

Chorus (sing 2x):

           G  C  G  D
Women and men
	   G  C  D  G
Women and men

Part after chorus (middle-eight?):

Women and men
	   C	      D		C
bringing with them messages of love
	  G	     C	  G	   C
and everywhere they go, love will grow

women and men
when you see the faces of the women
and the men you too will know

2nd verse:

Women and men have crossed the ocean
and now begin to pour
out from the boat and up the shore.

Two by two they enter the jungle
and soon they number more
three by three as well as four by four.

Soon the stream of people gets wider,
then it becomes a river,
river becomes an ocean,
carrying ships that bear

Chorus (end on G)
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