Third Day - Your Love Oh Lord tab

G                  C              G       D/F#  Em
 Your love oh Lord reaches to the heavens        your faithfulness 
C                   G  D/F#       Em            C              
stretches to the skies       and your righteousness is like the mighty 
G        D/F#  Em                      C                  G  D/F#
mountains       and your justice flows like the oceans tide

                   D         C9               G                    D
And i will lift my voice to worship you my king and i will find my strength 
            C9           Am7  D
in the shadow of your wings       (repeat Song)

Chords:(note:not all chords from this song are there,not the basic ones)
(read vertically)
 C9    D/F#    Am7
------ ------ ----O-
--O--- O--O-- --O---
-O--O- ----O- ------
------ ------ ------
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