Third Day – Gone chords

Left handed
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DPlease forgive me
C G DI don’t mean to be rude, But I gotta keep moving
C G FI sure wish I could stay, But I gotta keep doing
CWhat I’ve been called to do
DAnd don’t forget me
C G DLong after I’m gone, And I’m just a memory
C G FI hope you can recall, What I was saying
CWas nothing but the truth
DWell, I’m gone
C G DIt was nice to meet you but I’m gone
C G F DI’m sure gonna miss you but I’ve got to keep moving on
F GI can’t stay in one place too long
F DSay a prayer for me, I’m gone
D Thank you so much
C G DYou’ve been so kind And I can’t say enough
C G FOf all the places I’ve been This is one
CThat I just don’t want to leave
FGone like the wind and I’m not sure
CWhen I’m coming back, will you want more
F CGod only knows where I am going And just what tomorrow brings
Instrumental: D C G D C G F D F G F D
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