Ive Always Loved You tab with lyrics by Third Day - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Third Day – Ive Always Loved You tab

Song Name: I've Always Loved You
Album: Time
Artist: Third Day
Copyright: ©1999 New Spring Publishing / ASCAP
4th Fret*** Tab relative to capo (4fret=0)

Intro & Verse: ^ v ^ ^ v ^ ^ v ^ ^ v ^ ^ ^ ^ v ^ =strumming pattern-----0-0-0-----0-0-0-----0-0-0-----0-0-0----0----0-----3---3-3-----||-----1-1-1-----1-1-1-----1-1-1-----1-1-1----1----1-----0h1-1-1p0---||-----0---0-----0---0-----0---0-----0---0----0----0--0--0---0-0-----||-----2---------0------3---------2---------3----2----0--0---0-0-----||--3---------2---------------------------------------x--------------||----------------------------------------------------3--------------||
{------4x------}Chorus Progression:--0--0--0--0--0--0-0-0--0-0-0---3------1--1--1--1--1--1-1-1--1-1-0h1-1p0----2--2--0--2--2--0-0-2--0-0-0---0------2--3--2--2--3--x-x-2--3-2-0---0------0-----3--0-----3-2-0------x---x--------------------------------3---3---- {--2x---} {--3x--}
***Not actual chords*** Capo Chord positions. Verse 1: C C/B F F/E F F/E G C C/B F F/E F F/E G Chorus: Am F C Am F C Am F C C/B Am F F/E G (repeat intro) Intro Verse 2(same as verse 1) Chorus Electric Guitar Parts: There are quite a few electric guitars in the mix. The main lead parts during the intro progressions and the chorus use an Ebow. There are a few clean electric parts and even a lap steel as well. Here are the most important parts:
End of 1st chorus and throughout the rest: (clean electric)e--------7-----------7-------|| *Played whenever the G is played.b---4h5---------4h5----------||g-----------4-----------4----||
There also some clean lead parts throughout. They are pretty in the same area as riff, so it shouldn't that difficult to find if you really wanted to play it. There is also a guitar with tremolo playing chords, but I don't have time for those details.
Guitar Ebow Riff: During intro parts, starts after 1st choruse--------------------------------------------|b--------------------------------------------| **use variations in the end**g-13~~~~-11~~~~-9~~~~~~~---6~-4~-6/8~~~~~~~--|d--------------------------------------------|A--------------------------------------------|E--------------------------------------------| C C/B F F/E F F/E G
Chorus Ebow Riff: 3xe----------------------------------||----------------------------------------|b----------------------------------||----------------------------------------|g--/14--13-------------------------||----------------------------------------|d-----------14--11~~~~~~~~~-/14*---||-11~~~~~~~~~~~~--/14~~~~~~~~~-13~~~~~~~-|A----------------------------------||----------------------------------------|E----------------------------------||----------------------------------------| *=don't play third time
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