Third Eye Blind – Burning Man tab

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Date: Mon, 06 Apr 1998 07:14:11 PDT
!From: Joakim Ax 
Subject: tab

Date: Sun, 01 Feb 1998 12:45:54 +01.00
From: Joakim Ax 
Subject:TAB: "Burning Man" by THIRD EYE BLIND from "Third eye blind"

Standard Tuning


Verse1 The rise and fall of my sloppy love, the smatterings, and splatterings they'll get you, im not the one you are thinking of, maybe you thought i'd call, instead of crashing down your hall. PreChorus1 G G/A G G/D Hold me down, i wanna find out, you know you will never get what you D need
Verse(instr)Fill 1E--9/10----B-------10-G----------
Verse2 Blue diamond strike 'em anywhere, first we caffeinate, then incinerate we'll get you, and sparks will fly in the summer air, did you pull out of your stall, maybe i'll see you after all Chorus G G/A G G/D Hold me down, i wanna find out, we say no cause i live my life like a D G D A D G D G burning man, like a burning man, a burning man, like a burning man F# G and i won't get enough until my legs are broken Verse(instr)+ Fill 1 Verse3 The stars they shine, in a empty void, life is not to fear, life is to enjoy, He'll get you, Mr death catches all someday, baby i thought you'd call, or leave a light on in the hall PreChorus Chorus Tabbed by Joakim Ax ------------------ b= bend amount told( ) r= release bend
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