Third Eye Blind – Semi Charmed Life tab

Play with distortion on somewhere around 3

E ---------7p5--------------------------------------B -------8-----8---------8---8---0----------0-0-----G -0-------------5---5-5---5---5--------------------D ---7-9---------------------------7-5--5-7-----7-5-
E -0-0h7p0h7p0---- -7p5---8----8-8-8p7p5----B ------------ h8- Gx6 -----8----8-----------8--G ---------------- -------------------------D ---------------- -------------------------
E ---5-7-7p5----p0-5---0-------------B -8---------8-------8---8/0---------
This is near the end of the song, the little picking thingy... Starting "I believe in the sand beneath my toes..."
E -----2----------10---------0--------0--------B ---2---2-----10----------2---2----2---2------G -0--------11-------11--0--------0------------
This may sound a little bit weird at first but I'm pretty sure they're the right notes, maybe Kevin just plays them on different strings Just in case you haven't seen the intro chords in other tabs, they're G x 3 D x 5 Dsus4 x 1 C/G x 4 C/G x 4 C/G x 2 oh yeah, and distortion on 3 too Have fun and stay alive
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