Third Eye Blind - Bonfire tab

Standard tuning

Here's the verse.. If you don't think my picking pattern is exactly right I'm pretty 
the chords are xx46xx xx797x xx022x xx220x then quickly xx210x.  I did spend some extra 
on the picking pattern though.

Versee--------------------------------------------|B-------7------2------------2------0----(0)--|G--6--9----2-2---2----2---2---2--2-----1-----| repeatD--4--7----0--------0---0--------2---2-------|A--------------------------------------------|E--------------------------------------------|
You can figure out the strumming pattern for the chorus but here are the chords.
Chorus Lightning comes and Lightning goes, and it's all the same to me.e-----------------------------------------------------------------|B----------------------------------------------9---------------10-|G-6-------------------6------------------------9---------------9--| repeatD-7-------------------7------------------------9---------------9--|A-5-------------------x------------------------7---------------7--|E---------------------5-------------------------------------------|
Sorry I don't know the rest.
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