Third Eye Blind – God Of Wine tab ver. 3

This is only the intro/verse. Sorry, I can't remember the tab for the rest of the song.
It's not originally in standard tuning, but I get really tired of always changing my
tuning a million times to play 3EB songs. But this is one of my favorites and any help 
with the rest of the song in standard would be great.

e ---------------------------------------------------55--------------------------------|b -------55----------------------------2h3-2-----------5---5---------------------------|G--------------------44-22------4---4-------2------------------------------------------|D----77----77----22-----------2---2--------------77-----7------------------------------|A--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|E--5-----------0-----------0h2----------------2/5--------------------------------------|
Just repeat that as necessary; and again, sorry I can't remember the rest. Any questions or comments feel free to e-mail me at:
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