Third World – Now That Weve Found Love tab

I did this tab by ear and my ear isn't trained. So if these chords are different than 
you ear has picked up, please post the correct chords if you want.

Cm                                          Fm    Gm
 Now that we've found love what are we gonna do... with it? x2 (Chorus)
Cm                                            Fm                  Gm
Make daddy shoot, make daddy shoot,make daddy shoot, shoot, shoot all over
the place, I say Come on baby, when the music's playing I want to see you
Fm            Gm                   Cm
dance, dance, dance. Come on baby, say when the music's playing I want to
        Fm     Gm                Cm                 Fm
see you dance, get up and dance. Ooh yeah, ooh yea. Come on baby let me
     Gm                         Cm                        Fm
show what a, what a man can do. I said music, oh ah yeah, say stole into my
soul, went on and on.

Then go on with that pattern until...
Now that I've got it right here in my hand
Fm                      Gm
I'm gonna spread it all over the land.

It's practically the same pattern but a little more uneven

Then just go back to the chorus, Then The next verse, and then the part above. it'll be 
if you know the lyrics.
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