This Century - Money Honey chords version 1

Artist: This Century
Song: Money Honey
Album: 16 Acoustic
Tunning: Standard / Capo 2 fret
Tabbed by: Chuck Ortega

Am C F 
Am G F7

Am G C F  G
Am G F7 C Dm G

..No I don't got money
But I got the time honey
If you'll wait for me to turn this all around
I'm in debt to you always
As we make the same mistakes
Just know jealousy's no longer in the way

C - Am Em F7 D F7  G

Let's learn to put the past behind us
Let love push through the door and find us
Keep your heart wide open
So I can fix what's broken
Stay around maybe I can be a better me

Am C F
Am G F7

Am G C F G
Am G F7 C Dm G

We could sprawl across our floor
Staying up until it's 4
Make your eyes my entertainment for the night
Make a home to call our own
I know it's nothing yet but we can make it great
Cuz we would never be alone

C Cadd9 Am Em F7 D F7 G

Dm F7 C G
Dm F7 C F7 G

C - Am Em F7 D F7 C
C - Am Em F7 D F7 G
C F7 G
C F7 G


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