Thom Yorke - Harrowdown Hill tab

this is a really easy song. listen to it to get the timing right though


E ------------------------|B ------------------------|G --0-0---0-0-------------|D -------------0----------| Repeat this 24xA ------------------------|E -----------9------3-----|
E ------------------------|B --0-0---0-0-------------|G -------------0----------| Repeat 4xD ------------------------|A -----------9------2-----|E ------------------------|
E ------------------------|B ------------------------|G --0-0---0-0--------0-0--| repeat 3xD ------------------------|A ------------9-9-9-------|E ------------------------|
then repeat the first part 10x then the scond part 2x and back to the first aprt 4x The piano comes in and you don't play until 4:14, then you play the first part again 6x
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