Thomas Giles – Scared chords

Simple easy song. Can be strummed or picked to your liking. Great song for an acoustic 

Capo on 3rd Fret.

Chords Used, relative to Capo:

C  - x32010
Dm - xx0231
F  - 133211
Am - x02210

If you're feeling adventurous, swap out F with Fmaj7 - x33210 for a nice mellow sound.


Intro: C, F
       C, F
CI saw death today,
Waiting games slowly fades,
FA final word,
Such a vicious word
CWhere do we go from here?
Struggle to find sense of this,
FI'm here for you,
I'm here for all of you
Am Dm I'm scared,
FYou're frightened,
AmSit down, please
DmI'm scared,
FYou're frightened
CTo see the saddened face,
Hardest thing ill ever face,
FCollapse inside,
Caress outside,
CYour painful moan is deafening,
Echoes in my memory,
FThe years still grow,
We all must grow
Am Dm I'm scared
FYou're frightened
Sit down please
Am DmI'm scared
FYou're frightened
Sit down
Am Dm I'm scared
FYou're frightened
AmSit down please
DmI'm scared
FYou're frightened
C FSit down please
F C FSit down please
F CSit down please
================================ If you don't have a capo, swap out the Chords with these: For C , Eb - x6534x OR x68886 (but the first voicing sounds better to me) For Dm, Fm - 133111 OR x33564 For F , Ab - 466544 For Am, Cm - x35543
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