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From: Harlan L Thompson 

READ ABOUT LOVE- Richard Thompson

Asked my Daddy when I was thirteen
"Daddy can you tell me what love really means?"
His eyes went glassy, not a word was said
                                 D             (riff)
He poured another beer and his face turned red
G                       C
Asked my mother, she acted the same
     G                        D
She never looked up, she seemed so ashamed
  G                     C
Asked my teacher, he reached for the cane
    G                          D
He said "don't mention that subject again"

       Em         C
So I read about love, I read it in a magazine
 Em          C
Read about love, cosmo and seventeen
  Em         C
Read about love, in the back of a hustler, hustler, hustler
   G G/F G/E           G/Eb          G  G/F G/E G/Eb
So I         know what makes girls sigh
    G  G/F  G/E     G/Eb      G  G/F G/E G/Eb
And I         know why girls cry
     G        Em     C       D
So don't tell me I don't understand
 G             Em       C            D
What makes a woman and what makes a man
       G            Em             Am        D          C   D
I've never been to heaven but at least I've read about love

My big brother told me when I was fourteen
"It's time I showed you what love really means
Girls like kissing and romance too
But a boy's got to know what a man's got to do"
He gave me a book, the cover was plain
Written by a doctor with a German name
It had glossy pictures, serious stuff
I read it seven time then I knew it well enough

Read about love, now I've got you
Read about love, where I want you
Read about love, I got you on the test-bed, test-bed, test-bed
So why, don't you moan and sigh?
And why do you sit there and cry?
I do everything I'm supposed to do
If something's wrong than it must be you
I know the ways of a woman I've read about love

Well well well, when I touch you there it's supposed to feel nice
That's what it said in reader's advice
I've never been to heaven but at least I've read about love

RIFF: G/F: x x 3 0 0 3E ------------------| G/E: x x 2 0 0 3B -1p0--------------| G/Eb: x x 1 0 0 3G -----2p0---2------|D ---------4---0----|
NOTE: I figured this out on my own so I may be wrong. I think it(from Rumour and Sigh, 1991) (sent by Harlan at
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