Thompson Richard - We Sing Hallelujah tab

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From: (Julie Hayne)
Date: Sun, 15 Aug 1993 11:51:02

Richard Thompson
Transcribed by Phil Saunders

Intro A E A Asus E

  A             E
A man is like a rusty wheel
A          E
On a rusty cart
   A     E/G# F#m        D        E
He sings his  song as he rattles along
    D       E      A
and then he falls apart.

    A               E
And We'll sing hallelujah
       A              E
At the turning of the year
       A    E/G# F#m        D             E
And we work all  day in the old fashioned way
         D       E      A
'Til the shining star appears

A man is like a briar
He covers himself with thorns
he laughs like a clown when his fortunes are down
And his clothes are ragged and torn


A man is like a three string fiddle
Hanging on the wall.
He plays when somebody scrapes on the bow
Or he can't play at all.


A man is like his father
Wishes he'd never been born.
He longs for the time when the clock bell will chime
And he's dead for evermore.

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