Thousand Foot Krutch - Set It Off tab

I tabbed this song and im pretty sure its right.  these are the three parts of the 
didnt write the order of the song but its not hard to figure out.  this is my first tab ever. 
so i hope you like it. please rate it.
Thousand foot krutch rocks.

 song:set it off                    /= slide
 band:thousaand foot krutch         h= hammer on
 tuning:standard                    p= pull off
 tabbed by:Alex Erlich              x= mute string

some distortion e[-------------------------------------------------] B[-------------------------------------------------] G[-------------------------------------------------] D[-------------2----7-5-------------2--0-----------] A[-----------2----5---------------2------2---------] E[--0-0--3/4-------------0-0--3/4----------3-------]
fast picking e[-------------------------] [----------------------------] B[-------------------------] on [----------------------------] G[-------------------------] fourth [----------------7---5---4---] D[----------------0--------] time [----------------7---5---4---] A[---------0----3------2-1-] play [---------0------5---3---2---] E[--0-00--3---00----00-----] [--0-00--3---00-------------]
e[-------------------------------------------------| B[-------------------------------------------------| G[-------------------------------------------------| D[--4-xx-4/5--4-4--5-5-xx---4-xx-4/5--4--2-2-xxxx--| A[--4-xx-4/5--4-4--5-5-xx---4-xx-4/5--4--2-2-xxxx--| E[--2-xx-2/3--2-2--3-3-xx---2-xx-2/3--2--0-0-xxxx--|
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