Thoushaltnot - New Year chords

Note: This is just what works for me on the accoustic.

Jinx (

Em CIt's a new year
GIn an old house
DWith more technology you'll never understand
Em CBreak out your typewriter
GWith your thees and thous
DSmearing old words with your old hands
Am CYou'll call me Cassandra
GI'll call you King James
DAnd all we write is true. And all of it insane
Am C GBut the changing of the seasons will forever stay the same
DYou say
EmThe infantry's retreating
CLike they knew how this would end
GDid you hear the Germans lost the war?
AmI bet they could use a friend
DRight now supper's getting cold
CRight now God is growing old
DRight now dialect is evolving
COutside this house
EmOr so I'm told
It's a real fear For you and me Burning clothing just to keep the winter warm My fingers trace the gumline Of a skeleton key Not caring whether it could open up the door The faces at the window Are children in the womb Black-eyed and still But growing every day You'll die on the outside Or die in this room Either way Our infancy's receding We're a heartbeat from the end Did you hear the madmen lost the war? I bet they could use a friend Right now supper's getting cold Right now God is growing old Right now dialect is evolving Outside this house Or so I'm told
Am CWe're stockpiling warheads
GWe're stuck in the past
DDeath is art Truth is beauty
AmAnd the first shall be last
C GYou'll call me Athena, I'll call you Monet
D AmWhen the world is falling down crumbling like clay
We're hiding in caverns Forgetting our names We dissolve in our mythology Like blood in the rain You'll call me the lion I'll call you the lamb I am lost in all you are You're alive for what I am
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