Three Doors Down - Loser tab

Intro F#- De--------2------]-----2---------b--------2------]-----3---------g--------2------]-----2---------d--------4------]-----0---------a--------4------]-----0---------e--------2------]-----0---------
F#- D Breathe in rigth away nothing seems to fill this place i need this every time, take your lies get off my case some day i will find a love that flows thtough me like this an this will fall away this will fall away (It goes like that all along the verse)
chorus E F#- D5 E5e---0---]---2------]-----x-----]--x----b---o---]---2------]-----x-----]--x----g---1---]---2------]-----7-----]--9----d---2---]---4------]-----7-----]--9----a---2---]---4------]-----5-----]--7----e---0---]---2------]-----------]-------
E F#- D5 E5 You're geting closer to ... (after that theres a brige that goes like this:
F#- A C B e--------2------]----------]------]------b--------2------]----------]------]------g--------2------]----------]--5---]---4--d--------4------]------7---]--5---]---4--a--------4------]------7---]--3---]---2--e--------2------]------5---]------]------
E F#- e---0---]---2------b---0---]---2------g---1---]---2------d---2---]---4------a---2---]---4------e---0---]---2------
it change on the last one then it goes back to F#- and D
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