Threebrain – Fishy tab

Band: Threebrain
Song: Fishy
Tabbed by: John Araujo

Standard Tuning

OK boys and females, this is and ultra-cool song by an ultra-cool
band, and you're in luck because it just happens to be ultra-easy.
There are three chords:

Chord X,    Chord Y,   and Chord Z

e---4--| e---4--| e---5--|b---5--| b---4--| b---5--|g---6--| g---5--| g---6--|D---6--| D---6--| D---7--|A---4--| A---6--| A---7--|E---4--| E---4--| E---5--|
strum all chords for their duration unless otherwise instructed. Here we go: X(let ring) X Y What's holding on to me? I wanna go Z And swim with the other fishies And swim with the other fishies X Y I wanna go swim with the other fishies Z You fucking octopus. Fuck you. X * Y Let me go I want to swim free like a Z slut free like a dirty X Y Slut. Octopus, go fuck your Z self... FISHY FISHY FISHY X * Y My name is fishy And I like to swim Z In the sea in the sea X Y Z I'm the fishy I'm the fishy
* at these parts, the guitarist does a hammer strum at the chord change like so, X Ye---4----4---4--| b---4h5--4---4--| g---6----6---5--| D---6----6---6--| A---4----4---6--| E---4----4---4--|
Sorry I don't know the actual names of the chords but it's not like it matters anyway.
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