Thrills - Restaurant tab

The new album is fantastic! I'm still working on tabbing the other songs. Please rate and comment.

D           Bm            F#m
I worked so hard for that man,
       G                Em
And he worked me to the bone,
     A              D
Said success wont belong,
D              Bm       F#m
He bought that old factory,
          G             Em
Cause the rich are born free,
          A               D
and thats how you want to be,
     Em                   A            D         D7
So I looked down from the rooftops one night
      Em              A          D
And I knew I could go far if you never left my sight

G                                                                D
But this will never be what I want in some fancy restaurant like now.
                          G                               D
This will never be what I want, and all I ever wanted was you.

D        Bm          F#m
He was a beggar on a horse,
       G                 Em
he was neither brave nor bold,
               A        D
He watched our jobs get sold,
D           Bm              F#m
He took the drinks from our hands so,
  G              Em                  A      D
I took you in my arms we watched the sun go down,


I need you now more than before,
I need you now more than before,
  Em             A              D      D7
I need you to be there true and fair,
     Em           A         D        G
If I prove myself here I'll prove it anywhere,


This'll never be what i want   X4

That's the whole song. Corrections to:
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