Throwing Muses – Colder tab

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COLDER - Throwing Muses

by kristin hersh
from 'house tornado'
transcribed by Edmond Hum (

        Asus#4       B/A          Am

e-------0------------0-----------0----------------------| b-------4------------4-----------0----------------------| g-------2------------4-----------2----------------------| d-------2------------4-----------2----------------------| a-------0------------0-----------0----------------------| e-------------------------------------------------------|
--- start --- Asus#4 they took a picture B/A and from this cold lightning living me through Asus#4 B/A so i feel like an alarm clock Asus#4 fire came from my mouth is pushing me around B/A and i'm not loving i'm not hating Asus#4 i'm not creating B/A i'm losing my friends and my young dreams Asus#4 that was vicious air spilled in my face out of love B/A Asus#4 B/A Am Asus#4 and out of love B/A keep walking Asus#4 B/A if i did the same thing 500 times could you see it in the dark? i trust the weather Asus#4 i try to make the bodies give me strength B/A do we see them in the yard? Asus#4 who cares if they're rolling in bed? B/A F7:F7 ?there's only darkness upstairs Asus#4 does love sit cold 'til you put it somewhere do objects spit it at your heart? B/A i don't see that anymore Asus#4 B/A Am i'm colder and colder and colder --- end ---
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