Throwing Muses – Juno tab

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by kristin hersh
from 'house tornado'
transcribed by edmond hum (

    F#9       F      D    D11    G*

e----0-------1------2-----0-----7-----------------------| b----5-------1------3-----1-----8-----------------------| g----5-------2------2-----0-----7-----------------------| d----4-------3------0-----------------------------------| a----5-------3------------------------------------------| e------------1------------------------------------------|
--- start --- F#9 F F#9 i can't play F F#9 when he wakes up she said F F#9 he can't play when he F D thinks i'm growing up F D F that song juno they did in the street D F D D11 G* D so many places to go and not one for me said the she F#9 F F#9 if they were pretty it'd be okay to say F F#9 but that day only F F#9 F D when she wore dresses she felt born F D F D D11 G* D that song juno say the words if you have streets no one for me said the she F D F D that song juno they sung in the street F her husband of nineteen years F7:F7 ? D D11 G* D danced madly at her feet now i can be balancing --- end ---
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