Thundercat – Lava Lamp chords

G D Bm
C G D Bm Em

[Verse 1]
D Bm C GSometimes you have to let go
D Bm7 E7 B GTo free fall away
D Bm7 C GI won't judge you anymore
D Bm7 E7 G7'Cause sometimes I needed to
D Bm C G7Free fall far away
D BmOut of sight, out of mind
[Interlude] F# G [Verse 2]
D Bm C GI'm so tired
D Bm7 E GWhere can I lay my head?
D BmI'll just close my eyes
C G DHope I wake up dead
Bm7 E7 G7 D BmDon't want to live without you
C G7 D7 BmDon't leave me out here to die
[Interlude] Em G [Verse 3]
D Bm C GMaybe another time and space
D Bm F#7 F# G7When I can look you in the face
D7 Bm7 C7 G7Far, far away
D7 Bm7 E7Maybe in another life
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