Tiger Army - Prelude Death Of A Tiger Ghost Tigers Rise tab

Song: Prelude: Death of a Tiger/Ghost Tigers Rise
Album: Ghost Tigers Rise

Alright guys. This is the start of Tiger Army's third album.
You can tell that they started to mature musically in this album.
Their country roots are definitely brought out and Nick 13's guitar
parts are a little more complicated than his previous work.
I decided to put 2 songs here just for the fact that
"Death of a Tiger" is very short and I figured that some people want
to know what's going on in those few seconds before "Ghost Tigers Rise" starts.
I think there's already a tab on this but I KNOW THAT
THIS IS THE CORRECT WAY TO PLAY IT. I know I know...I should shut up.
Let's go!!

Prelude: Death of a Tiger

This song is only about 50 sec. longe|-----|B|-----|G|-----| This chord is lightly playedD|-9~--| listed to when it is strummed.A|-7~--|E|-----|
e|-----|B|-----|G|-----| this is strummed right when theD|-2---| upright bass comes in, a few secondsA|-2---| before the song ends and goes to the next....E|-0---|
Ghost Tigers Rise
PART Ae|--------------------------------|B|-------3-5-3----------3~--------|G|-4-3-4-4-4-4----4-3-4-4~--------| x4D|-x-x-x-x-x-x----x-x-x-x~--------|A|-2-2-2-2-2-2----2-2-2-2~--------|E|--------------------------------|
PART Be|------------------------|---------------------------------|B|-----------------9-9-9~-|--------------------9-9-9-10-9---|G|-----------------9-9-9~-|--------------------9-9-9-10-9---|D|-5-5-5---8-8-8---9-9-9~-|-5-5-5---8-8-8------9-9-9-10-9---|A|-5-5-5---8-8-8---7-7-7~-|-5-5-5---8-8-8------7-7-7-8--7---|E|-3-3-3---6-6-6----------|-3-3-3---6-6-6-------------------|
Repeat PART A Repeat PART B
Nick plays the arpeggio in PART B a little different the second time:e|----------------5~---5---------------------------------|B|----------------5~-----5-----5-------------------------|G|----------------5~-------5-----5-----------------------| that last chordD|-5-5-5--8-8-8---7~---------------7---2~-------------2--| is played duringA|-5-5-5--8-8-8---7~-------------------2~-------------2--| the bass soloE|-3-3-3--6-6-6---5~-------------------0~----12/1-----0--|
e|---------------------------------------------------|B|---------------------------------------------------|G|---------------------------------------------------|D|-2-2-------2-2---------2-2-----------2222222~------|A|-2-2-------2-2---------2-2-----------2222222~------|E|-0-0-------0-0---------0-0-----------0000000~------| TIGER! ARMY! NEVER! DIIIIIEEEE!!!
That's it for that one! This is a very fun prelude to play. There are some excellent tabs for "Wander Alone" so I won't need to tab those. There is also one for Santa Carla Twilight but, it's not accurate at all. So, I will tab that up next. have fun!! | / slide up | \ slide down | h hammer-on | p pull-off | ~ vibrato | + harmonic | x Mute note ===============================================================================
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