Tiger Lillies - Drowning Girl Bertolt Brecht chords

  Tiger Lillies - Drowning Girl (Bertolt Brecht)

Gm CmOnce she had drowned and started her slow descent
Cm GmDown the streams to where the great rivers broaden
Gm CmOh, the open sky chant most magnificent
Cm GmAs if it was acting as her body's guardian
Cm DWreck and duck weed slowly increased her weight
Cm DBy clasping her in their slimy grip
Cm DThrough her limbs, the cold blooded fishes played
Cm DCreatures and plant life kept on, thus obstructing her last trip
Gm CmAnd the sky that same evening grew dark as smoke
Cm GmAnd its stars through the night kept the brightness still soaring
Gm CmBut it quickly grew clear when dawn now broke
Cm GmTo see that she had one further morning
Cm DOnce her pallid trunk had rotted beyond repair
Cm DIt happened quite slowly that she slipped from God's thoughts
Cm DFirst with her face, then her hands, right at the last with her hair
Cm D GmLeaving those corpse-choked rivers just one more corpse
Tabbed by timothio
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