Tiger Lillies – Arthur chords

Left handed
 Tiger Lillies - Arthur

A DbmArthur I love you
D EThough you've got B.O.
A DbmAnd you trainers are dirty
D Eand your brains rather slow
A DbmAnd Arthur I love you
D EThough you read The Sun
A DbmAnd you wear a leisure suit
D EWhen you're having fun
F#m DbmAnd your not a fascist
D EYou're just a cog
F#m DbmAnd you keep a Pit-bull
D E'cause their a lovely dog
A DbmAnd Arthur I love you
D EYou're no piece of slime
A DbmJust used and accused
D EBy the ruling class swines
A DbmLets face it Arthur
D EArthur you're fucked
A DbmYou never could say
D DThat enough, that enough....
E AWas enough
tabbed by timothio
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