Tigers Jaw – I Was Never Your Boyfriend chords

Tigers Jaw - I Was Never Your Boyfriend
Transcribed by trunks1504

F# G#m E - x4 

B - F# E x4
B so if you call me and ask for his name
Eor if you thought this number
G#mwas part of my existence
Ecause your best friends forever
Byou've only been together
EAnd i'm not getting better
G#mIm just feelin' the same
ESo much time went on, and
Im just finding out about this B F# E - x4 B E G#m E B E G#m F# E B F# E - x4
Band if you see me looking back
Eor if you see me better
G#mthe worst part of my existence
EIs you can call whenever
Bbut I can't wait forever
E G#m F# E end on B
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