Tim Armstrong – Into Action tab

Skye Sweetnam
Into Action feat. Tim Armstrong of the punk ska band Rancid
Sound Soldier
2007 EMI Records
Submitted by: paramore_fans@yahoo.com

Key: F

Tuning: Standard EADGBe

Chords used:
F -  133211
Bb - x13331
C -  x32010

Intro: F--Bb--F--C-Bb-F--

Saxophone: F Bb F C Bb Fe|-----0-1-|---4-5-6-|---------|-8--8-7-|-6-|-----0-1-|B|-1-4-----|-6-------|---4-5-6-|--------|---|-1-4-----|G|---------|---------|-5-------|--------|---|---------|D|---------|---------|---------|--------|---|---------|A|---------|---------|---------|--------|---|---------|E|---------|---------|---------|--------|---|---------| x2
Chorus: F Let's get moving into action Let's get moving into action Bb If your life's too slow no satisfaction F Find something out there there's an attraction C If you hesitate now Bb that's a subtraction F So let's get moving boy into action Verse 1: F Come on quick now keep it up We're inviting this town All the kids are showing up When we bring the sound Bb Hop into my pick up truck Roll it to the ground F Get your gear load it up Gonna hold it down C If you start with nothing Bb Gotta build it up F If you got a dream You gotta follow it up (Repeat Chorus) Verse 2: F Shake it Shake it Shake it out Make a move And make it now Come on Come on Feel the blow Baby let it Let it go Bb Underneath the underground So subliminal our sounds F Cos the method wont be found But this man is all around C We break it down Bb so no one know F Motel moves something that i dont know (Repeat Chorus) Bridge: Bb Yellow truck Pump it up Through the stereo F Let it up Let it out Let the speakers blow Bb Race up to the pocket hour We're hanging at the corner C The sun is out its getting hot The beat is taking over!!!!! Interlude: Do Chorus Chords Verse 3: F I'm the Racer on a track Keep on going really fast Gonna catch you if you crash Baby boy just take a chance Bb I got music and il use it Thats all i need F The microphone im holding Some fresh air to breathe C No No No No one Bb can touch us now F Cause I love life was bright And the music plays loud Outro: Do Chorus chords End on F
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