Avoiding Catatonic Surrender tab with lyrics by Tim Barry - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Tim Barry – Avoiding Catatonic Surrender tab

Avoiding Catatonic Surrender - Tim Barry

Tabbed by: Steve Henderson

Email: drtywrk_22@hotmail.com

Tuning: Standard-ish ---He even writes on the album:
"one take, in tune- no, drunk- yes"

This song is pretty basic.  Listen to it for the hammer-ons and such.

F G C (walk down to) Am
F G Am

Verse 1:
C Am F G

it's lonely in the Garden State, the place of no left turns
in a Motel 6 in East Brunswick smoking 'till my lungs burn
i put ice in the trash can to cool down my beer
breathe in the perfume in the room of the person last here
i can't stand this singing, i can't stand this song
i can't stand being home, lord i can't stand being gone
my ears ring when it's quiet and i ain't heard a thing all day
and I'd call if I could but right now i ain't got nothing to say

Chorus: (Same progression as intro)

F G C (walk down to) Am
F G Am

and so on, and so long
i can't keep singing these songs for too long, and so on

Verse 2: (same as one)
the first night we met we fucked on the couch in my living room
and spent the morning pretending it didn't happen searching for your lost phone
which i found between the cushions, below a pile of our clothes, you said you couldn't 
with out it, I should have kept my eyes closed
i left for work directly then for a 15 hour day made just over a hundred bucks none of 
I ever saved
didn't hear too much from you before and never heard from you again
cause as soon as this shit starts boy it's bound to end

Chorus: Same as above chorus

Verse 3:
i throw empty beer cans at the tv when I'm watching the news
i hate republicans I hate democrats I hate liberals too
I think pacifists are weak and violence is wrong but I go limp for police and i fight 
it's called for
the truth is i don't know or care with who or where I fit in at all
but I keep on living simple RIDING FAST AND LIVING SLOW
i write standard boring songs with boring standard chords just like the best and the 
- verse-chorus-verse-chorus-bridge-repeat and so on...
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