Tim Buckley – Song For Jainie tab

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Song For Jainie
(Tim Buckley)

From Tim Buckley, 1966

Verse 1:

(A)            G          D         A
You've got the untortured mind of a woman
        G                D           A
Who has answered all the questions before
               G           D         A
You've got the free-givin' ways of a woman
        G              D                 A    /G /F# /E
Who has kicked all the heartache out the door

    D       A         B
And Jainie, don't you know?
D       A         B            (riff 1)
Jainie, don't you know? I been tryin'

Riff 1:Guitar 1: Guitar 2:-9-7----7-9-7------ ---------------0-|-----10-------10--- ---------2-2-3---|-----------------9- -----1-2-4-------|------------------- -2-4-------------|------------------- -----------------|------------------- -----------------|D A BJainie, don't you know?D A B (riff 2)Jainie, don't you know? I been tryin'
Riff 2:Guitar 1: Guitar 2:-9-7----7-9-7-------------- ---------------0---------|-----10-------10---8-7----- -----------2-3---3-2-0---|-----------------9-----7-6- -----1-2-4-------------2-|--------------------------- -2-4---------------------|--------------------------- -------------------------|--------------------------- -------------------------|
Verse 2: I brought to you my tired clothes and weary faith to you And with a smile you took me in and showed me love again Now it has to be to say good-bye or stay and I don't know But remember please I gave you love that's only mine to give (chorus) Verse 3: Yes, I truly love to be with you If I wasn't with the one that I'm with. Yes, I truly love to lie by you If I didn't have to give what I give. (chorus) (repeat verse 2) (chorus, after final riff end on an A) **** The guitar is fingerpicked, and sounds like barre chords, especially for the chorus. Listen to the song, and you'll know what I mean ***************** submitted by Hirsch Freeman ****************** *** comments and corrections welcome at drumbo@geocities.com ***
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