The River chords with lyrics by Tim Buckley - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Tim Buckley – The River chords

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The River chords
Tim Buckley 1968 (Blue Afternoon)

Capo III


A GI live by the river
AAnd I hide my house away
GThen just like the river
AI can change my ways
Em GOh, if you come to love me
AYou ll stay forever
GInside my heart
AInside my dreams
G F AAnd time will fade
G F AIn time we'll love
A GIn the street we walk as beggars
AIn the alley faithless kings
GAh, but it's the truth of life
AThat chains us in between
Em GThose lost moments we steal
ATo keep our love alive
GAnd our prize so tired
Aafter all the pain
G F AAnd time will fade
G F AIn time we'll love
G A 3x G F A Set8
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