Tim Minchin – Canvas Bags chords

Left handed
C (strum the D and A strings alone then the whole chord 5 times)

F Fm C GTake your canvas bags when you go to the supermarket
F Fm C GWhy use plastic ones when you know, you know the world can't take it?
F Fm C G
G FTake your canvas bags when you go to the super market market market market yeah yeah yeah
FmDon’t you use those plastic ones no no no
C G Am C
AmDont you know that you’ll feel better for it
Am FTake your canvas bags
CTake your canvas bags
GTake your canvas bags
To the supermarket. X 3 (same chords as above) Take your canvas baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaags Take your canvas bags to the supermarket. (I like to do a funky little strumming pattern here but you can do whatever you want it)
AmBreak it down
FAhh take your canvas ahh take your canvas
Cahh take your canvas baaaags To the super market
G AmAll the ladies in the house come on and let me hear you say canvas!!
F C GAll the fellas in the house come one and let me hear you says bags!!
Interlude: Am F C G X1(the solo plays over this bit. These are the Chords that can be played along with it.
your ear for the strumming patters. It can be confusing as the words are so fast)
Am FJust think about the world and how the world would be fantastic if we could get rid of
the plastic.
C GWe just need to get enthusiastic organise a competition gymnastic.
Am FOr a bag making comp at you school. Fuck it make it interscholastic
C GCanvas is for everyone whether you be rebellious and iconoclastic
Am FOr conservative or ecclesiastic. I don’t care if your loud and bombastic
C GOr quiet or virtually monastic. Sober or on the floor spastic
Am FA yoga master or completely inelastic. I’m not trying to ironic or sarcastic
C (G)Do something drastic to rid the world of (plastic)
Am FTake your canvas bags
CTake your canvas bags
GTake your canvas bags
To the supermarket. Repeat till the end I like to let it ring out on an Am This is my first tab so I hope you have found it clear, accurate and have enjoyed this song. Please rate it. (Chords over the words are an approximation. They may not quite be there but I think a pretty good guideline. Just use your ear) Whathits
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