Timber - Pretentious tab

Song:  Pretentious
Band:  Timber
Album: Timber
Tabbed by Adam Bragg (adamas33@hotmail.com)

Intro: E

E          C                            E
In(yeah)complete, it's the way you left me
Cause I can't compete
This is all that I have
This is all that I am
And she's all that I know so I just can't let go
                G                        C
And I'm holding onto your grace and this vision of you
G                         C
Constant reminders little things that you do
B                                                E
I'd muster a smile when you're broken in two (yeah)

E                C              E
Some (yeah) they say, just walk away
Is your head on straight
But you're all that I want
And you're all that I need
And she's soft to the touch but it doesn't mean that much
                 G                          C
When she's concentrating on others like she use to on me
         G                         C
With the words that she said makes out to believe
Is that wishful thinking or just being naive

C                   G
Take me out of this loneliness
Am                  Em
Take me in from the cold
C               G
Come into these open arms
That just want to squeeze you
But you're to damn hard to know

E          C                          E
In(yeah)complete, just the way that I feel
Since you left me
But you're all that I want
Cause you're no violent plee
Cause there's no guarantee that I just want to believe
                    G               C
That one day you'll turn around and come to your senses
G                        C
Break down the walls and start mending fences
B                                             E
Well I know thats just a little prententious, goodbye

This is a great song by a band from St. John's, Newfoundland, hope you enjoy!
Any corrections or changes feel free to email me
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