Timeless Miracle - Memories chords version 1

Bm G EmMoments of happiness will
Athey ever come back?
Bm G Em AEmbraced by darkness now that you are gone
D Bm G ALeaving me, why can't you see
Bm GI'm standing in the rain
Em ACalling out your name
D A Bm GIn my memories I see you smile
D A Bm GThe road to the future was in your eyes
D A G A DI can see you like I used to do
D A G DIn my memories of you
Bm GSearching thrum my soul
Em Athere is nothing inside
Bm G Em AEvery day time takes its toll
Bm G Em AIt hurts me so when you say you must go
Bm G AThe love we shared is not coming back
[Repeat chorus]
D G AI saw the light in your eyes
G A DShining down on me
D G AI saw the light in your eyes
G D AShining on me
[Repeat chorus]
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