Tindersticks – Blood tab

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From: Johan Andersson 
Added To UG By Mikhailo

Band : Tindersticks
Song : Blood

This one is called 'blood' I think. I just fooled around with my guitar
while listening to it, but it's pretty simple, so it should be right :-)
(a great song..)
It's a lot of mumbling going on.. I can only come up with fragments of 
the words ..


Dsus4 D Dsus4 D Dsus4 D Dsus4 D

Then it goes:

To want somethiong so pure       (Or something :)
G                  A
Left me hmm..     .....

(That's the progression .. D G A)


Where does the blood go?
It runs away
Broken love

to play like on the CD just pick the strings up an down through the
chords (listen to the CD and you'll know what I mean)
There are some variations but they are easy to figure.

Good luck!
Johan Andersson, tdv94jan@cs.umu.se

ps. more fragments...

There's an ugly crowd inside me, they specialise in violation
.. Now, broken, wondering, why this new ingredient?
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