Tired Pony – Pieces chords


i just tried to tab 'pieces' and this is my result so far...

Tired Pony - Pieces (tabbed by hillman)

beginning: fmaj7, Am, C, G (repeat throughout)

chorus: fmaj7, Am, fmaj7, Am

this is how i grab them:

fmaj7:--0----1----2-- x5--3----3--------
--0----1----0-- x1--3----3--------
--0----1----2-- x2--3----3--------
Am:--0----1----2-- x5--2--------------
--0----0----2-- x1--2--------------
--0----1----2-- x2--2--------------
C:--0----1----0-- x5--2----3--------
--0----1----0-- x1--0----3--------
--0----1----0-- x2--2----3--------
G:--0----3----0-- x4--0----2----3--
--3----3----0----0-- x4--2----3--
the strumming pattern for Fmaj7, Am and C is:dddddudu
and for the G:dddduddd
for the chorus i just change constantly between Fmaj7 and Am :)
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