Toad The Wet Sprocket – Listen tab

by Toad the Wet Sprocket
transcribed by Mike Nidel (
Revised by: Walter Tien

opening riffh= hammer on, p= pull offG|-----------------|-----------------|D|-------------0---|--4(+1/2)--2-----|A|---------0h2---0-|-----------------|E|--0--2-3---------|-----------------|
Well I wonder Do we learn? Seems we're making the same wrong turn Call you sacred Call you obscene Call you faithless Call you anything Call and you listen G D A G Bm A Listen listen I'm the liar So it seems My desires will justify anything So is there nothing that lies in between This cold silence and a scream Scream, listen G D A G Bm A G listen, listen (bridge) A E Caught in headlights, we are frozen, cannot hide D E There's no way, no time if you can I might Em G D A Em G D A listen (repeat chorus)
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