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Toad The Wet Sprocket – Fall Down tab

Dm Dm/F C7 G Dm Dm/Fe|----------------------------------------------------------------|B|--------3--------3-------------------3---------3---------3------|G|-----2--------2------------3------0---------2---------2---------|D|--0--------3------------2----------------0---------3------------|A|---------------------3------------------------------------------|E|-------------------------------3--------------------------------|
C7 Ge|-----0------------0---------3--|B|--------1------------3------3--|G|-----------3------------0---0--|D|----------------------------0--|A|--3-------------------------2--|E|---------------3------------3--|
The chorus goes like this (I don't have the lyrics, if you have them, please post them) Dm C G Jump back, gotta get outta here Dm Into the tour of mist and damp (????) C G Jump back, gotta get outta here Dm C When will we, when will we fall down G Dm When will we, when will we fall down -- From: t89par@albireo.tdb.uu.se (Par Svensson) TOAD THE WET SPROCKET - "Fall Down" Main riff:
D F C Ge |-----------------------------|B |-----3------3----------------|G |---2------2--------0------0--|D |-0------3--------2------0----|A |---------------3-------------|E |----------------------3------|
The verse is D F C G and the chorus D C G Does anybody perhaps have the lyrics? /Par
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